SAPA-NE 2020 High School Excellence Scholarship Application Form


Submit Application

Please fill in the application form and email all your application materials to Dr. Huo Li and Dr. Guiqing Liang after you complete online application. Please use email subject "SAPA-NE 2020 High School Excellence Scholarship Application".

Email Addresses

Huo Li: ; Guiqing Liang:

Application Deadline

September 18th, 2020

Application materials

The applicant must submit:

  1. A brief resume illustrating major accomplishments during the applicant’s K-12 education

  2. An essay (~600 words) to illustrate what the applicant will be pursuing at college and what inspired him or her to make such a decision

  3. A recommendation letter from the school counselor and two letters of recommendation from teachers who can attest and comment on the applicant's achievements and development potentials

  4. A copy of high school transcript and a copy of standard test results.

  5. A copy of acceptance letter from the college the applicant intends to enroll

  6. Application form.

Download Application Form: