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[Brochure] 2021 SAPA-NE and SAPA-CT Joint Annual Conference

Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association-New England (SAPA-NE) and Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association-Connecticut (SAPA-CT) cordially invite you to attend in the 2021 Joint Annual Conference. This conference will be held virtually through Zoom meeting on October 15th (Friday 12:45pm-4:20pm) and 16th (Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm).

Under the theme “Innovation to Improve Human Health in the Pandemic”. SAPA-NE and SAPA-CT in cooperation have invited 17 distinguished speakers from world renowned academic institutes, leading startup, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as investors in the venture funds to bring you four featured sessions:

· Innovative Research (AI and Bioimaging)

· R&D Global Trends

· Genomic Medicine

· Life Science Investment Forum

This Joint Annual Conference is a premier platform for participants to share knowledge, wisdom, and viewpoints on important issues and current trends in academia, biotech and pharma in the U.S. and globally. Our goal is to create opportunities for scientific exchange, public health education, and business collaborations, as well as networking and career development.

SAPA-NE, founded in 1998, has become a leading not-for-profit professional organization. SAPA-NE is dedicated to serve our members from the Chinese-American pharmaceutical/biotech and academic community in the region. Boston region is would biotech hub with hundreds biotech companies, range from small start-up to well-established pharmaceuticals and many leading academic institutions. SAPA-NE is committed to promote pharmaceutical exchanges and cooperation in both industry and academia, and to assist career opportunities and development for our members in Greater Boston and New England area. This is our 23rd consecutive annual conference, SAPA-NE has been supported by distinguished industry and academia leaders, a large number of passionate volunteers.

SAPA-CT, founded in 2014, is a not-for-profit organization with members from top research institutes, universities, and local pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Each year, SAPA-CT organizes Annual Conference that promotes communication and cooperation between academia and industry, and Career Development Workshop that helps students and young professionals to spring forward to the right career path. SAPA-CT has been considered as the young blood and backbone of SAPA.

The global coronavirus pandemic has been challenging for everyone, but it has also witnessed the fastest and creative innovations and collaborations in modern medicine. SAPA-NE and SAPA-CT welcome you to join us in the journey of innovations to improve human health.

Save the Date: October 15th, 12:45pm - 4:15pm EST

October 16th, 9:00am - 5:00pm EST

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