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Face Shields By Teens (Sponsored by SAPA-NE)

Updated: May 3, 2020

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Face Shields by Teens is a group of teenagers in the Greater Boston area who are passionate about supporting our medical professionals. They design and create face shields for front-line medical workers to fight coronavirus.

The shield was highly recommended by doctors and nurses and well received by its lightweight, flexible, minimally foggy, accommodated different head shapes, and left room for goggles. The team is continuously working on a second generation face shield design for healthcare workers without goggles.

Their entirely volunteer-based team members have been creating these face shields. All volunteers have devoted their time, materials, and funds (spent on necessities such as clear binding covers, duct tape, tongue depressors, fabric strips, Velcro, and foam for face shields) to this project, and delivered these face shields to hospitals in the local area.

SAPA-NE provided financial support to this project. As of today, the group has grown from the original 5 members to a total of 30 teenagers. Thousands of face shields have been made and received by many hospitals in MA. Thanks for all the volunteers for the hard work!

For all face shield inquiries, please email:





随着队伍的壮大,他们也相应制定了更为宏伟的目标 – 制作3,000个防护面具支援前线医务人员。




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