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2019-06-08 SAPA-NE 21st Annual Conference: Deliver Optimal Medicines to All Patients

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

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2019 SAPA-NE Annual Conference

Writer: Leo Qian

Photographer: Dong Yang

Cambridge, Massachusetts — The Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association–New England (SAPA-NE) successfully hosted its 21st annual conference at the Boston Marriot Cambridge on June 8th, 2019.

Bridge, Connect, Collaborate and Innovate for Unmet Medical Needs brought hundreds of SAPA-NE members, friends and sponsors to focus this year’s discussion on “Deliver Optimal Medicines to All Patients”. The one-day conference, organized by all-volunteer pharmaceutical professionals, consisted of three plenary sessions led by 15 invited speakers and panelists, representing academic institutions, healthcare providers, industry leaders and physician networks, on topics such as developing novel medicines for unmet medical needs, improving data extraction, as well as interactive discussions on delivering advanced treatments to patients and fostering innovative collaborations.

The conference was opened with remarks from Dr. Qiying Hu, the SAPA-NA President-Elect. Dr. Hu highlighted the incredible progress of the community, especially its contribution to the tremendous success of the industry in the New England area. The morning session featured on developing novel therapies for unmet medical needs. Dr. Gregory Verdine, Professor of Chemistry, Harvard University; Founder and CEO, Fog Pharma and Lifemine Therapeutics discussed about drugging traditionally “undruggable” targets with novel modalities including stapled peptides as well as with natural products discovery from fungi-based gene sequencing. Dr. Shaun Coughlin, VP, Cardiovascular and Metabolism, Novartis, highlighted the breakthrough therapies for coronary artery disease and heart failures at Novartis with profound understanding of human biology and pathology of atherosclerotic heart diseases. Mr. Edward Hu, Co-CEO of WuXi Apptec, delivered an exciting presentation on the radical changes of China’s healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in the past few years, highlighting several emerging themes in the China Healthcare Ecosystem today. Mr. Hu also discussed the contribution from Wuxi Apptec in supporting such a networked and innovative healthcare ecosystem. Dr. Theodore H. Bukowski, SVP, Chief Revenue Officer, MOREHealth, discussed the asynchronous and synchronous telemedicine platform of MOREHealth, highlighting the platform with all information and data in one place, and easy to navigate and use, especially coming from physician networks who have practiced for many years. Dr. Jian Chen, CEO of Celetrix, presented products of his company and how their technology and instrumentation can provide support in CAR-T therapy based on its proprietary electroporation technologies, which yield higher transfection efficiency and faster cell manufacturing.

After lunch, the plenary session discussions shifted gears and focused on big data in drug discovery. Dr. Haishan Xiong, SVP, Fountain Medical Development Ltd., discussed the US-China regulatory and clinical strategy in the era of The International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH). With data acceptance across US and China is a reality, China is becoming the frontier in drug development including clinical development/operation. Dr. Xiaole Shirley Liu, Professor, biostatistics and computational biology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard School of Public Health, delivered a lecture focusing on the tumor signaling analyzed using RNA-seq data. Dr. Liu introduced her exciting research leveraging innovative biostatical tools to study immune-oncology and target therapies. Dr. Weike Mo, Vice President of Digital China Health Co., discussed using China Real World Data for drug discovery and development and shared with the audience case studies from their collaborations with partners to study real-world genomic and biomarker data for drug discovery.

Our fireside chat, moderated by Sharon Cang, Associate Director, Global Regulatory Lead at Takeda Oncology, engaged with panelists Dr. Howard Liang, CFO of Beigene, Dr. Qingcong Lin, CEO of Biocytogen Boston, and Wenge Xie, VP of Business Development in Medicilon of their vision on delivering of advanced affordable treatments to all patients, with question s and comments from an interactive audience. The conference continued with the scientific session on innovation through creative collaboration. During this session, Dr. Sridaran Natesan, VP, Strategic Initiatives and Scientific Relations, Sanofi, shared the pipeline of Sanofi in different therapeutic areas including novel drug modalities, new assets in immune-oncology, as well as cutting edge therapeutic platforms and digital enablers. Dr. Natesan also shared with the audience the progress and impact of Sanofi’s Global iAward Program which focuses on an innovative, lean, and productive industry – academic partnership mechanism. Dr. Yinxiang Wang, President and CEO, Jacobio Pharma, discussed progress from Jacobio’s pipeline and his vision for the drug R&D in China. Mr. Brad Loncar, CEO of Loncar Investments, shared his unique perspectives on dynamic growth of the biotech sector in China including industry policy, innovative medicines, drug pricing, and Loncar China BioPharma Index.

The annual conference was concluded by the immediate past President of SAPA-NE, Dr. Jun Johnny Yang followed by SAPA-NE High School Excellence Scholarship Presentation to Emme Zhou, a graduate from Lexington High School, and Willen Zhou, a graduating senior from Newton South High School by Drs. Huo Li, Guiqing Liang, and Jun Johnny Yang.

Dr. Yang continued to highlight professional events hosted by the NE chapter in the past years and acknowledged community leader and volunteers along the way. Appreciation and congratulations from the city office of Cambridge, MA were warmly received by over 150 guests, including leaderships and friends of SAPA-NE from all over the world, with toasts and reflection on the history, achievements, and future of SAPA-NE chapter.

The SAPA-NE leadership successfully completed its transition to president Dr. Qiying Hu, president-elect Dr. Mangeng Cheng, and immediate-past president Dr. Jun Johnny Yang. Dr. Lin Lin were elected as the Secretory in General. The current leadership, including the president, Dr. Qiying Hu, are confident in leading the organization to the next exciting chapter.


撰稿人: 惠释喆, 摄影: 杨栋

波士顿六月的第一个周末处处充满着活力。查尔斯河上的龙舟队百舸争流,彩虹游行的队伍挥斥方遒,问何事最牛,看SAPA-NE年会,科技公司竞自由。没错,6月8日的波士顿是如此的热闹非凡,新英格兰美中药协(Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association, SAPA-NE)第21届年会也为大家呈现了不一样的精彩。这个成立于1998年的非盈利组织,迄今为止已走过21年的光辉历程,一直致力于中美医药科技的发展,旨在为中美医药企业提供高质量的交流平台。在这里,来自各生物医药领域的各界志同道合的人士,聚集在这,见证这一年一度的盛事。

(Cambridge City Council 的Vice Mayor Jan Devereux 给SAPA-NE发来的贺信)






第一位演讲嘉宾Dr. Gregory Verdine 既是哈佛大学和哈佛医学院的教授同时也是Fog医药公司的创始人,他为大家讲解了如何用钉合肽把无药性的药物变成有药性的药物,以及如何从基于真菌基因序列中发现天然肽的方法。接下来,来自诺华的Shaun Coughlin博士,为大家介绍了诺华最新的治疗心脏病和心脏冠状动脉疾病的最新治疗方法,和治疗效果,分享了他自己对于心脏病治疗的理解。随着咖啡香气的到来,半小时的茶歇让大家恢复了满满的元气。重新落座后,药明康德的总裁Edward Hu 先生为我们讲述了他与药明康德的故事, 药明康德的现状和今后的发展。随后,爱医传递MOREHealth的Theodore (Ted) H. Bukowski 为大家介绍了这家专注危重疑难疾病的医疗服务机构是如何为客户提供高质量的诊断服务的,他们联合中美顶级医疗专家致力于解除先有医疗行业的低效障碍。午间休息前的最后一位演讲者是Celetrix创始人陈建博士讲解了如何利用电穿孔技术向细胞递送大分子包括DNA和蛋白质。 Celetrix目前已经成为CAR-T疗法中CAR表达和Cas9 RNP介导的基因治疗基因组编辑的电穿孔领域的技术领导者。


一顿饱餐和愉快的聊天之后,铃声把大家带入了下午的会议进程,第二部分,药物递送中的大数据拉模块开了帷幕。Fountain Medical Development Ltd高级副总裁Dr Haishan Xiong, 与大家分享自己的一些经历和经验,并向大家介绍了Fountain Medical Development 发展,主要业务和未来规划。哈佛大学生物统计学和计算生物学教授 Dr. Shirley Liu,与我们分享了高通量基因组数据的算法开发和整合建模在癌症治疗中的最新研究进展,介绍了如用何基因组学和生物信息学方法研究癌症免疫学和转录癌症。莫维克代表神州医疗,带大家了解了神州医疗的药物研发业务,数字化医疗在中国的应用,中国的医疗健康大数据是一个很大的市场,将继续专注于医疗保健大数据的先进技术和临床应用,成为中国医疗保健大数据和医疗信息学的领军企业。

主持人Sharon Cang和 Howard Liang (CFO of BeiGene), Qingcong Lin (SVP of Biocytogen), Wenge Xie,三位资深专家进行了轻松愉快的炉边谈话,和参会者互动讨论应该如何对患者进行高级治疗,在自由的讨论氛围中,听众和讲演者都有巨大的收获。在提问环节,Sharon Cang的三连回答可谓精彩至极,面对提问者的步步紧逼,Sharon依然从容淡定,清晰的逻辑,灵敏的反应,流利的表达让这位及美貌与才华于一身的女子给所与人留下了深刻的印象。

精彩的炉边谈话结束后,会议开启了第三部分,创新型合作中的创新。首先由Sridaran Natesan博士向观众介绍了赛诺菲在不同治疗领域的管道,包括新型药物模式,免疫肿瘤学的新资产,以及尖端治疗平台和数字推动因素。接下来,北京加科思新药研发公司CEO王印祥。他为我们分析了中国新药研发的三次浪潮,中国新药研发企业的成长和发展,展望了该领域的未来发展趋势。同时跟大家分享了自己创业经历和公司发展历史,主要业务和发展规划,今年加科思也在大波士顿地区成立实验室。最后就中美关系新形式对于华裔科学家的影响发表了自己的观点。最后一位演讲嘉宾是LONCAR投资公司的CEO Brad Loncar。这位偏爱微信的投资人跟大家讲述了他在中国的投资经历,中国和美国生物技术投资潜能,中国有足够的实力得到更多的投资。中国和美国各有所长,之后合作才能让生物技术研发的帆船全速前进,由此证明,全球化才是理想化。

会议末尾SAPA-NE前任会长杨军博士对此次会议进行了总结,他强调了过去几年SAPA-NE主办的一些活动,并为优秀志愿者颁发了优秀志愿者奖以此感谢他们的对此次活动的付出,并向所有来宾致以由衷的感谢。SAPA-NE领导团队成功地完成了当选会长和执行委员会的过渡。 Mangeng Cheng博士和Lin Lin博士分别当选下任会长和秘书长。 现任领导层,包括会长胡琦颖博士,有信心领导该组织进入下一个令人兴奋的篇章。到此,SAPA-NE的21届年会会议部分到此结束,大家陆续离开,但是沸腾景象依然没有褪去,因为晚宴还有更值得期待的东西。

晚宴开始,大家围坐在圆桌边,大屏幕上播放着SAPA-NE风风雨雨走过的21个年头,每一次聚会,每一个活动,每一张合影,承载着许多人的心血,寄托着无数人的希望,看着SAPA-NE一点一滴的成长发展壮大,每一位成员都感到骄傲和欣慰,回忆闪过,感情犹在。音乐声落下,杨军博士为大家带来了开场白,分享了剑桥市长发来的贺电。 SAPA-NE还为入选的优秀高中毕业生Emme Zhou和Willen Zhou颁发了奖学金,两位小朋友也和大家分享了自己的获奖感言。之后晚宴到了欣赏节目的环节,萨克斯独奏,低音深沉而平静,高音清澈而透明,富有感情,极富艺术感染力。美声独唱,歌声时而婉转,如山涧中的潺潺流水;歌声时而澎湃,如大海的滚滚浪花。大家享用着美味的晚餐,觥筹交错,举杯共饮,庆祝这开心难忘的夜晚。

(SAPA 成员和演讲者合影留念)


Event Program Details


SAPA-NE 21st Annual Conference: Deliver Optimal Medicines to All Patients

June 8th, 2019

Boston Marriott Cambridge, 50 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA

(Early bird rate end on 5/27/2019)


Sessions include:

  1. Developing novel medicines for unmet medical needs

  2. Big data in the drug discovery

  3. CEO forum or fireside chat

  4. Innovation through creative collaboration

Selected keynote speakers at the 21st SAPA-NE Annual Conference (2019):

  • Gregory Verdine, PhD, Erving Professor of Chemistry, Harvard University; Founder, CEO and CSO, Fog Pharmaceuticals and LifeMine Therapeutics

  • Edward Hu, Co-CEO, WUXI AppTec

  • Sridaran Natesan, PhD, Vice President, Sanofi

  • X. Shirley Liu, PhD, Professor at Dana–Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

  • Brad Loncar, CEO, Loncar Investments

  • Wenzhao Shi, President of Digital China Health Technologies Corporation Limited

  • Yingxiang Wang, PhD, President, CEO, Jacobio Pharma

  • Dan Zhang, MD, CEO, Fountain Medical Development Ltd.

  • Shaun R. Coughlin, MD, PhD, VP, Global Head of Cardiovascular and Metabolism at Novartis

  • Howard Liang, PhD, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of BeiGene

  • Qingcong Lin, PhD, SVP of Biocytogen and CEO of Biocytogen Boston

  • Theodore (Ted) H. Bukowski, M.Ed., CMPE, EVP & CRO MOREHealth, Inc.

  • Jian Chen, PhD, Founder and CEO, Celetrix LLC


Selected speakers from past events:

  • Dr. Dudley Herschbach (1986 Nobel Laureate, Prof., Harvard Univ.)

  • Dr. Craig Mello (2006 Nobel Laureate, Prof., U Mass)

  • Dr. Jack Szostak (2009 Nobel Laureate, Prof., MGH, Harvard Medical School)

  • Dr. Bruce Beutler (2011 Nobel Laureate, Prof., UT Southwestern Medical Center)

  • Dr. Ken Chien (Prof. Harvard)

  • Dr. George Church (Harvard)

  • Dr. Christine A. Poon (Vice Chairman, Johnson & Johnson)

  • Dr. JC Gutierrez-Ramos (SVP & CSO, Pfizer)

  • Dr. John LaMattina (SVP, Pfizer)

  • Dr. Robert R. Ruffolo (R&D President, Wyeth)

  • Drs. Mark Levick and Karin Briner (VP, Novartis)

  • Dr. Kathleen Metters (SVP, Merck)

  • Dr. Yong-Jun Liu (Head of Research, Sanofi)

  • Dr. Joanne Beck (VP, Shire)

  • Dr. Deborah Dunsire (CEO, Millennium)

  • Dr. Gunther Winkler (SVP, Biogen-Idec)

  • Dr. Andrew Plump (CMSO, Takeda)

  • Dr. Richard Murray (CEO, Jounce Therapeutics)



Sponsors for 2019 SAPA-NE Annual Conference


Driving and Parking Information

Driving Direction:

Please use "Boston Marriott Cambridge 50 Broadway, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142 USA" as the destination on GPS.


1. Kendall Square South Garage: 350 Kendall St., Cambridge, MA 02142, $12 for Saturday and Sunday. 0.2 mile (5 mins) to Marriott with walk.

2. Other Parking locations Information:

  • SP+ Parking @ One Broadway: 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02141. About 0.3 mile (6-7 mins) to Marriott with walk

  • Kendall Center Green Garage: 90 Broadway St., Cambridge, MA 02142. About 0.1 mile (3 mins) to Marriott with walk (3 mins)

  • Kendall Center Yellow Garage: 77 Ames St., Cambridge, MA 02142. About 0.3 mile (6-7 mins) to Marriott with walk.

Please refer to the following website for more information about the parking:


SAPA-NE 21st Annual Conference: Deliver Optimal Medicines to All Patients

June 8th, 2019

Boston Marriott Cambridge, MA

Please click the link to register (early bird rate end on 5/27/2019):

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