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[Report] 2021-01-23 SAPA-NE 22nd Annual Conference: A New Era in Biotech and Life Science

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

[English Version] [中文版]

Jan 23rd, 2021, Boston, the world’s renowned center for education and innovation in the global medical field, welcomed Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SAPA)’s New England Chapter (SAPA-NE) members, world-renowned leaders and regulators to join the 22nd SAPA-NE Annual Conference “A New Era in Biotech and Life Science” virtually. Zoom meeting simultaneously live streamed on YouTube to our show rooms where vendors and attendees networked via the Spatial Chat platform.

The virtual event attracted more than 800 SAPA members, and friends globally to listen to over a dozen outstanding speakers, representing both academic and industry leaders. The conference was opened with remarks from Dr. Lin Lin, Chair of the conference. Dr. Lin shared the mission of SAPA-NE and the progress of the community made during a unique 2020.