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2024-05-03 SAPA-NE 2024 Bimonthly Seminar (Free Online Event)  [read more ...]

2023-05-06 SAPA-NE 2023 Bimonthly Seminar (Free Online Event)  [read more ...]

2022-09-24 SAPA-NE 24th Annual Conference (Free Online Event)  [read more ...]

2022-03-17 SAPA-NE 2022 Bimonthly Workshop (Free Online Event)  [read more ...]

2021-01-23 The 22nd SAPA-NE Annual Conference (Free Online Event)  [read more ...]

2020-09-23 EY Seminar Promotion: Prepare for a Successful Biotech IPO (Free Online Event)  [read more ...]

2020-05-02 Face Shields by Teens to Support Healthcare Providers [read more ...]

2022-11-02 SAPA-NE 2022 Bimonthly Workshop (Free Online Event)  [read more ...]

2022-05-17 SAPA-NE 2022 Bimonthly Workshop (Free Online Event)  [read more ...]

2021 SAPA-NE and SAPA-CT Joint Annual Conference (Online Event)  [read more ...]

2020-12-02 EY: Stock Compensation Plans and US Tax Implications (Free Online Event)  [read more ...] [Video Record]

2020-05-28 Road to IPO in Hong Kong [read more ...]

2020-03-24 SAPA-NE calls for donation to help Massachusetts health system fight Coronavirus [read more ...]


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  • To promote the advancement of pharmaceutical science and biotechnology;

  • To make contributions benefiting public health education;

  • To promote scientific exchange and business cooperation between US and China;

  • To foster the career growth of pharmaceutical professionals


  • 促进医药科学和生物技术的进步

  • 为有利于公众健康教育做出贡献

  • 促进美国和中国之间的科技交流和业务合作

  • 促进医药专业人员的职业发展

  • Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association – New England/Boston (SAPA-NE),  founded in 1998, has become a leading not-for-profit professional organization. SAPA-NE is  dedicated to serve close to 2,000 members from the Chinese-American pharmaceutical and biotechnology community in the region. Together with SAPA founded in 1993, serves 6,000 members in USA and China. The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in the Boston region, is a powerhouse of innovation and development. The Boston hub has fostered rapid growth of small startups, large well-established pharmaceuticals, incubator sites, and large biotech-focused research institutions. SAPA-NE is committed to promote pharmaceutical exchanges and cooperation in both industry and academia between USA and China,  and to assist career opportunities and development for our members in Greater Boston and New England area. Since its inception, SAPA-NE has been supported by distinguished industry and academia leaders, global pharmaceutical and biotechnology, a large number of passionate volunteers. 

  • 新英格兰美中医药开发协会(SAPA-NE)是1998年成立于全球医药研发聚集地---波士顿的非营利、非政府公益组织。目前拥有近2000名会员,主要为来自新英格兰地区的各大药企、初创公司、高等院校、医疗科研院所、创投机构等与医药相关领域的科技专业人士。本着惠泽会员、服务社区、造福人类的宗旨,SAPA-NE定期举办各类学术会议、职业培训、宣传推广、节假联谊等活动,旨在为新英格兰地区医药相关领域的专业人士提供专业学习交流、职业生涯发展和提升的机会;SAPA-NE积极与全球各地、特别是美国、中国医药领域的专业团体及机构交流合作,促进合作共赢。自成立以来,承蒙各界鼎立支持,SAPA-NE不断发展壮大,影响力与日剧增。在医药领域日新月异迅猛发展的当下,SAPA-NE期待您的加盟,愿与您携手合作,共创人类医药健康事业发展的未来。

events & activity

Events & Activities


Annual Conferences

Distinguished speakers, from the US and overseas, present a wide range of vieszpoints on topics such as frontier biomedical sciences, R&D strategies, and perspectives and challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.


Scholarship for Life Sciences

SAPA-NE has established the SAPA-NE High School Excellence Scholarship since 2008. Many high school graduates have received the scholarship in the past decade.


Scientific Symposiums

Distinguished scientists and executives from major pharmaceutical companies present cutting-edge science and their visions on drug discovery and development.


Summer Outing

Social Activities are regularly organized, and have included summer outing to provide members with networking opportunities.


Career Development Workshops

Guests of honor share real life experiences as well as career development strategies within various corporate structures.


Chinese New Year celebration

Social Activities are regularly organized. Chinese New Year celebration parties provide members with networking opportunities.


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